Our Story

City Cosmetics was born in 2002, when our founder, Victoria Renee, decided to finally do something about a problem that had been plaguing her for years: thin lips.

Not satisfied with other products that made bold promises but then failed to deliver, Victoria was committed to one thing: creating beauty solutions to the problems most women face, at a price they could afford.

To that end, she assembled a hand-picked team of authorities on health and beauty. After years of research and development, as well as multiple formulas that failed to meet Victoria’s strict standards, City Cosmetics finally debuted its first breakthrough product: City Lips Original Lip Plumping Formula.

As word spread that an effective, affordable lip plumper had finally been created, City Cosmetics found itself developing a reputation for trustworthiness that it still enjoys today.

Over time, our research team has also discovered cutting-edge solutions to many of the primary cosmetic issues facing women today, including eyelash enhancement, anti-aging skincare, and much more.

While City Cosmetics is proud to be at the forefront of technology, Victoria will never allow us to lose sight of the most important part of our success: you, the customer.

On behalf of Victoria and everyone here at City Cosmetics, thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to providing you with unmatched beauty solutions for years to come.